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RAM is part of ISO9001:2015 certified Quality Vision International (QVI). RAM Optical Instruments was founded in 1981 and quickly became a leading provider of high-quality, easy-to-use dimensional measurement systems and accompanying software for manufacturing quality control. RAM branded systems are a full line of shop floor optical measurement systems that are value priced with premium performance.

As a global leader in optical and multi-sensor metrology, Quality Vision International (QVI), acquired RAM Optical Instruments in 2002.

The QVI/RAM heritage in optics and projection gaging evolved to global leadership in video and multisensor technologies, and remains so today.

QVI offers a wide variety of systems to solve your individual application challenges.

SNAP SystemsSNAP Digital Measuring Systems
Our QVI® SNAP™ and SNAP DM200 make your complex measurements easy and accurate - it's as simple as placing your part on the stage and pressing go.

RAM Automatic SystemsAutomatic Measurement Systems
Our SprintMVP and SparkMVP automatic measurement systems provide dimensional measurement and CNC programmed operation for your precision needs.

Semi-Automatic SystemsSemi-Automatic Systems
Our StarLite and Spark semi-automatic measurement systems are precision instruments designed the easy focusing and positioning of your parts.

Laser Scanning SystemsLaser Profile Systems
Our portable laser scanning systems provide high-resolution linear profiles - ideal for fragile or pliable parts with critical surface contours.