AG SlidesAG Slides is one of our divisions at Quality Vision International, and are recognized around the world for their superior linear positioning. Automation Gages Inc. was founded in 1956 to specialize in the design and manufacture of fixtures and special machines used for optical gaging.

Our AG Slides division offers a line of precision ball and roller slides for the OEM and design engineering markets. Both standard and custom designed slides are available. Engineers around the world have come to rely on AG Slides for precise, reliable performance and high quality.


AG linear motion products use either ball slide or crossed roller slide bearings. Although both offer long life and precision motion, there are some important differences.

Ball Slides
Ball Slides

Ball slides are self-cleaning, since the point contact tends to "push away" dirt and debris

Ball slides are lower in cost

AG ball slides incorporate the bearing ways into both the base and carriage. V-ways are formed by four round rods, two in each bearing way. Precision steel ball bearings are pre-loaded against the rods, creating four point contact.

Cross Roller Slides
Crossed Roller Slides

AG roller slides are similarly constructed. However, the V-ways are formed by four partially flatted rods. Precision steel roller bearings, alternately placed and rotated 90°, are pre-loaded against the rods.

Since the rods are free to rotate, they will self-align with the rollers, assuring perfect line contact

The increased contact area enables roller slides to carry increased loads and withstand higher cycling rates.