Quality Vision International


Image forming optics are critical to good measurement performance. Since the image, rather than the part itself, is measured, the quality and fidelity of the image are essential to accurate measurement.

All optical imaging systems supplied by QVI are designed and optimized in-house by QVI engineers to serve specific types of measurement needs.

QVI offers a variety of optical arrangements to suit the range of part and feature sizes that are typical for a broad range of manufactured parts.

All QVI optical systems are configurable to allow optimization of key characteristics to suit the application at hand.

Motorized zoom lens systems offer highly versatile performance for a wide range of applications. Zoom magnification levels are easily adjusted to one of several pre-calibrated positions, creating a useful range of magnifications.

AccuCentricAdvanced zoom lens systems use QVI's AccuCentric® calibration system. AccuCentric assures precise magnification calibration each time the zoom lens changes position using a certified optical standard.

QVI's TeleStar® telecentric zoom lens system offer advanced performance for the most demanding applications.

Fixed lens optical systems offers the benefits of ultra-low distortion and constant calibration, making them ideal for applications involving specific classes of parts with similar feature sizes.

Telecentric Large Field of View (LFOV) systems are ideal for shop floor use. They offer the convenience of a large field of view and are highly tolerant of focus changes. Digital camera technology allows the user to zoom the image electronically for convenient measurement of small features.