Founded in 1945, our company has grown to become a world leader in optical, mechanical, electronic, and software technologies for vision and multisensor measuring systems

Who we are and what we do

At Quality Vision International (QVI®), we are proud to be an originator of video measuring systems for manufacturing quality control, and we continue to be a leader in applying technology for advanced metrology. Our ISO9001:2015 certified company designs and builds a complete line of dimensional measuring machines that combine optical, laser, and contact sensors into easy to use systems. QVI systems are used by manufacturers in over 75 countries around the world to measure and inspect their products for quality and process control.

Founded in 1945, our company has grown to become a world leader in optical, mechanical, electronic, and software technologies for vision and multisensor measuring systems.

Our QVI brands: OGP (Optical Gaging Products), CCP (Certified Comparator Products), VIEW (VIEW Micro-Metrology), Kotem and Itaca, are each leaders in their respective markets. OGP Services is our corporation’s service organization, dedicated to providing the support necessary to help companies, like yours, thrive.

Our products include profile projectors with advanced LED illuminators, automatic edge detection, and CNC control. We have manufactured the world’s most advanced profile projectors since our founding over 75 years ago.

At QVI, we are best known for our video and multisensor measuring machines including the popular SmartScope®, SprintMVP and VIEW Benchmark family of systems. Introduced in 1991, SmartScope was the world’s first benchtop video measuring machine. Since that time, thousands of SmartScope systems have been delivered – from compact benchtop machines to large format models.

QVI products are particularly well suited to the unique challenges of medical device manufacturing, offering FDA compliant software and installation and operational qualification services.

Our headquarters and manufacturing campus in Rochester, New York encompasses more than six acres of manufacturing and service space in five buildings. A full service Customer Center provides demonstration and training facilities for the eastern part of North America. A second Customer Center in Phoenix, Arizona provides support for the Western region. Similar Customer Centers in Germany, Singapore, Hungary and China support a worldwide network of full service representatives providing local service to our global customers.

In an era of rapidly changing technologies, QVI products consistently rank among the world’s best for accurate, repeatable and cost-effective dimensional measurement solutions for the industry.

75 years of technical innovation

Our company, founded in 1945, is known today as Quality Vision International®.

As U.S. industry returned to peacetime production, the Universal Engraving and Colorplate Company of Cleveland, Ohio, started a new division to make charts and fixtures for optical comparators. This company was known as Engineers Specialties Division (ESD), and was located in Buffalo, New York. ESD decided to start an Engineering center in nearby Rochester, and hired a young engineer who had just completed his service with the Rochester Ordnance division – Edward C. Polidor.

As the years progressed, ESD was reorganized into two divisions – Optical Gaging Products and Projection Gages, Inc. The two divisions operated together under ESD control until being acquired by Ex-Cell-O Corporation in 1959.

In 1955, Ed Polidor left ESD and founded a new company called Automation Gages, which produced a number of innovative optical and mechanical systems for inspection and measurement. In the 1960s, AG expanded by developing more elaborate electronics and controls to automate their inspection systems. In 1969, AG acquired General Measurement Research (GMR) of Berkeley, California – pioneers in digital position sensing and readouts. Between 1970 and 1975, AG acquired OGP, Ex-Cell-O, Visual Inspection Products and Bendix Contour Projector Corp, including their popular Bausch & Lomb line of optical comparators. Eventually, the company consolidated all these brands into one operation which became known as Optical Gaging Products.

In the early 1980s OGP developed its first video-based measurement systems. The advent of solid state video cameras and micro-processors enabled high speed, precision analysis of optical images. Over the next fifteen years, OGP introduced four generations of systems, each of which pioneered new levels of measurement speed and accuracy. Vidicom Qualifier™, Q-See™, Intelligent Qualifier™, and ultimately the OGP SmartScope® which ranks today as the world leading line of multisensor dimensional measuring systems.

In 2000, OGP’s owners formed Quality Vision International to enable the expansion of the OGP business worldwide. The company acquired VIEW Engineering of Simi Valley, California – one of the first makers of video inspection systems. In 2003, RAM Optical Instrumentation joined the QVI family. In 2005, Micro-Metric of San Jose, Ca. joined QVI, along with Kotem Technologies, a leader in measurement and evaluation software based in Budapest, Hungary. In 2007, QVI acquired Certified Comparator Products of Dayton, Ohio, and subsequently reinvented the traditional optical comparator under the CCP brand. In 2014, ShapeGrabber of Ottawa, Canada joined the QVI family, adding 3D Scanning systems to the QVI portfolio of measurement technologies. Also in 2014, QVI formed a new technology and distribution partnership with Itaca Measurement Solutions of Turin, Italy.

Throughout our over 75-year history, QVI has consistently been at the forefront of development for new and practical technology for dimensional measurement. Our trademark, Precision for People®, sums up a long history of integrating advanced optics, electronics and software in ways that are practical, affordable and effective for industrial quality control.

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