Software License Renewal FAQs

What is a software license and why do I need one?

Your QVI measuring system comes with a license to use the installed measurement software. The license allows you to use the software to operate the machine for as long as you own it, but protects QVI’s rights to ownership of the technology inside the software. Every three years, the license must be renewed. There is no cost to renew the software license. See the complete Software License Agreement for more details.

Which software licenses need to be renewed?

Only the measurement software applications need to be renewed: MeasureMind, Measure-X, VMS, Elements, and ZONE3 are measurement applications.

Why is the license valid for only three years?

U.S. and International laws, including the Wassenaar Arrangement, impose export controls on possible “dual use” technologies used in QVI measuring systems. Because the capability to measure precisely is embedded in the software, export is controlled. As manufacturers, we are obligated to re-confirm the countries where QVI equipment is installed before renewing the software license.

Where can I find the Serial Number of my machine?

A Serial Number label is located on the back of all systems manufactured by QVI. The serial number typically contains 7-14 alpha-numeric characters.

Why do you need my email address to renew the license?

We need a valid email address so we can send you the license update that you can install on your measuring system. If you prefer not to provide an email address, we can send you an installation disk to your regular shipping address. You may opt out from all future emails from QVI at any time.

What do I do with the new License File when I receive it?

The email with the new License File will contain complete instructions about where and how to install the new license file. If you prefer to receive the License File on disk, the disk will contain step-by-step instructions in a readme text file.

What do I do with my old license file?

The new license file will automatically overwrite the old license file. You should not attempt to rename or save the old license file, as it will no longer operate once it expires.

Who should I contact if I have trouble installing the License File?

Contact your local QVI channel partner, or send an email to [email protected] describing the situation and with contact information so we can reach you.

How often can I renew my license?

You may renew your license anytime before the expiration date. Renewal 30 days prior to expiration is recommended. Please renew prior to the expiration date to avoid system down time.

My license has already expired. Can I reactivate it by changing the date and time in the controller?

No. Changing the system date will not reactivate an expired license, and will require technical assistance from QVI to recover. For urgent license renewal, please contact QVI by email at [email protected] or by phone at the customer service number listed on the serial number tag, or contact your QVI Channel Partner.

Can I renew the License Files on several machines at the same time so their expiration dates are synchronized?

Yes, please complete the license renewal form for each system you wish to renew.

I have multiple QVI measurement software programs on my machine – do I need to renew all their licenses at the same time?

No. Each licensed software has its own license file and expiration date. However, you may renew a license at any time, so feel free to renew all your QVI licenses at the same time if you prefer.

What should I do if I want to upgrade my measurement software version?

Visit our website and select the division corresponding to your measuring system for contact information, or contact your local QVI representative or the QVI division that supplied your system for more information. An upgrade will reset the renewal date timer.

Will QVI continue to renew my license 10 or 20 years from now?

Yes. QVI provides service support for systems and accessories that are 20 years old or more. Rest assured your license renewal will be available when you need it.

What if I need to move my machine to another country in the future?

Moving a system is usually very simple. Depending on the export regulations for the country of ultimate destination, an export license may be required. Contact QVI if you need more information or assistance with this process.