QVI multi-sensor metrology systems offer the precision needed for aerospace manufacturing of critical components

With the Aerospace industry currently demanding upon 100% inspection from their tier 1 suppliers, QVI delivers accuracy, repeatability and reliability for the most challenging of measurement tasks. We offer you and your customers the highest level of standards in metrology solutions made to improve your manufacturing processes and allow you to produce the best aerospace components on the market.

From turbine blades, vanes in jet engines and fibre gaskets to cockpit electronics as well as the plastic on tray tables, QVI multi-sensor metrology systems offer the precision needed for aerospace manufacturing of critical components; abiding to the stringent quality specifications of your customers and ensuring the integrity of your quality control processes for a wide range of parts used in and on the aircraft.

Our systems and software enable aerospace manufacturers to routinely carry out both advanced inspection and reporting operations- producing informative data collection as part of the measurement process. Installed QVI machines in the aerospace industry currently help in improving production line performance by solving complex measurement challenges involving commercial aviation, UAVs alongside public and Government-sponsored space programs.

With QVI you will have the ability to demonstrate greater technical capability and the confidence to tackle aerospace demands head-on with optimum control over product quality and delivery.

Certain aerospace component materials are inherently flexible requiring a non-contact measuring method whereby even the most complex components are able to be accurately and quickly defined without damage or distortion.

Our machines empower manufacturers of all industries in measuring every feature of components as efficiently as possible. In many cases our machines measure features that cannot be carried out using conventional and traditional means of inspection due to tight tolerances on feature size, position and form.